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Great Noobs Association

A Final Fantasy XI Community

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**Final Fantasy... stories of worlds of hatered, love and power, darkness and light. It's when the greatest story of them all, the story of Vana'diel, comes around that we truly reconize these elements. Final Fantasy XI is a MMORPG (massive multiplayer online role playing game) through wich is international and allows people to play with someone else who even speaks a different language from their own. Final Fantasy XI has definatly lived up to its name and gone "beyond borders".

-New to the world of Vana'diel?New to a certain job, race, craft, nation or area? Need help on any quests or missions? Have countless hours on your account? Been playing since day one or just stated a few days ago? Like helping new people? Hate helping new people? Like questing or doing events? Like connecting with people across the states and even across the waters? Then this is definatly the community for you!
Or better yet, if you play Final Fantasy XI on the Ifirit server contact the player "Samwell" to get the offical GreatNoobsAsso linkshell. If you don't play on Ifirit though you can request to have someone get you a wolrd pass on the community.

-In this community/linkshell we offer to answer any questions you may have about Final Fantasy XI, weither you play it or not. We also have many contests and events if you play on the linshell.

-To join the linkshell you must be on the Ifirit server (you can get a world pass if you request) and you must put at least one link of where you have advertised this community. You must also contact the linkshell holder (Samwell) or a linkbag holder. Anyone can join the community though, but we do encourage you to share our community and particpate in any contest or raffles we have.

-This isn't just a help forum, we also want to hear about your adventures through Vana'diel. We do ask you though, if you have anything that will spoil the storyline ("spoilers") please put it in LJ cut and mark it "spoiler". Also please, if you have anythign pictures I ask you put it in LJ cut also. Thank you :)

-Here are some banners that you can share plz.