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I'm having a problem with setting up my ffxi for ps2. It seems like everything was running smoothly until I went to the screen on play-online which allows you to start the game (the part that warns people about square-enix not being responsible of job, slacking off in school, etc.)...I went to go to the "play" option, but then a message came up: "No PlayOnline-compatible disc for Playstation 2 detected. Please set disc in disc tray." Now, I was only given two discs: the HDD Utility Disc and the Play-Online installing disc. Both of which seem like they do not work. The hotline for FFXI isn't open until Monday and so...I'm at a loss, I believe. If someone could help me through this, I'd be EXTREMELY grateful. I miss my ffxi. : / Thanks. -Kellie
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